By: Rod Diekema | October 01, 2014

RALEIGH,NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 03, 2013 -- PEO Networkhas been purchased byRodney Diekema, the founder and owner of

"We're pleased and honored to continue the legacy of Carrie Aaron, she'sanicon in our industry," said Rodney Diekema, new President of PEONetwork."Sadly, Carrie suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012 andcould nolonger work full-time. I was honored that she chose me to carrythe torch."

"After serving thirty years in the PEO industry, it was time to focus onmyhealth," said Aaron. "Don't count me out though, as my brainheals, Iwill continue to pursue consulting and research projects that servethe PEO industryand will stay onboard at PEO Network as a consultant. Ihave the utmostconfidence in Rodney Diekema to ca...

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