Products At A Glance

PEO Network provides an array of products geared for PEOs.

Start-Up PEOs
– Launching a PEO in today's environment is precarious. PEO Network has two programs: PASSS Live is a two day seminar that was recorded in the third quarter of 2002. The 13 hours of video features T Joe Willey, Ted Kazaglis and Carrie Aaron. After researching the industry and deciding you want to launch, PEO Network offers a hands-on PEOimPACT program that turns 3 years of trial and error into a 3 month comprehensive launch project.PEO Network provides an array of products geared for PEOs. To learn more please select up Start-up PEO's from menu bar.

Sales Training for Beginners
– The PEO Sales Mastery Course (PSMTC) is designed to teach the basics of the business. More than 400 PEOs have purchased the PSMTC for their new hire training class. This program includes 8 hours of video training and a 300 page-training manual. Produced in 1997.

Advanced Sales Training – PEO Top Gun Tips is a compilation of tips from 15 industry veterans. This 10 CD program is geared for sales people with more than 3 years experience. Produced in 2002.

PEO Owners/Executives Only inSYNC is an annual subscription to a monthly CD audio that will keep you inSYNC with today's latest trends and hottest tips.