Advanced Sales Training: PEO Top Gun Tips - CD Program

TOP GUNS from every major market have come together to contribute to the only advanced sales training tool available for experienced PEO sales people. In 1997 I started studying top producers in the PEO industry, one of the common characteristics is contribution. A true Top Gun has a desire to contribute and give back, in gratitude, for their success. They understand that you have to give in order to receive.

PEO Network has produced a compilation of ideas, concepts and tips by Top Guns from California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. More than a dozen Top Guns have donated their time and Top Gun Tips. This program is presented on 8 CDs, which are between 45 - 74 minutes in length. An additional 2 CDs, each an hour in length, feature Bill Brooks, a guru on sales training. Your 10 CD set comes with a training manual and disc.

For complete details, read on:

CDs # 1-3 and 5-6 were recorded in front of a live audience on Friday November 2nd, at the CAPEO meeting in Maria del Ray, CA. Here is a run down of each CD:

  • #1 -FL Top Gun, Ray Dile, presenting the importance of sticking to the basics and keeping your stats. This Top Gun shares an Excel Spreadsheet to use and dishes the average stats, which have been compiled for many years. You will learn how to track sale stats and what to expect from a 1st year producer versus a 3rd year producer and a Top Gun. The EXCEL file will be on disk and included in the training manual.
  • #2 - California Top Guns are featured on this CD. Paul Hyman gives us his Top 10 PEO Top Gun Tips. Mashi Rahami covers the importance of niche marketing. Richard Bonzer delivers his award winning referral-generating letter.
  • #3 - Get two different viewpoints on the first call process. Ari Rosenstein gives us the west coast Value Pyramid and Brenda Manning covers her Midwest version of The Initial Meeting Sales Strategy.
  • #5 - The Proposal. Angie Strunk presents The Transcon Proposal and Katie Roth presents The Merit Proposal on Power Point. This PowerPoint and Word file is on your disk and included in the training manual.
  • #6 - Handling Objections by Brian Leichner. Q&A session from the CAPEO meeting

CD #8 was recorded in Atlanta, GA on Monday September 17th. The title of CD #8 is Contract Sales Organizations. (CSO) Also known as PEO brokers and independent sales situations. The purpose of this session is to educate PEOs and sales people on the CSO concept. The participants in this group interview are Layne Davlin, Ted Richardson and Leon McGowen.

  • The panel answered the following questions:
    1. What is your definition of CSO and what is the value it lends to PEOs?
    2. What are the various models you see out there?
    3. Who should start a CSO?
    4. What type of PEO should use a CSO?
    5. What are your thoughts on compensation & compensation splits?
    6. What is your personal marketing strategy, how do YOU get clients?
    7. What are the pitfalls of using a CSO from the PEO perspective?
    8. Why don't you start a PEO?
    9. What PEO markets are you looking for?

CD #4 was recorded in Dallas on Monday November 19th. This CD features Clay Kelley discussing Gathering the Data for experienced sales reps.

CD # 7 is a daily/weekly coaching guide by Carrie Aaron. This is a CD you will keep in your car and listen to daily. The tracks include Monday/Wednesday/Friday coaching session as well as Morning/Afternoon/Evening motivational sessions. Then the CD concludes with a goal setting session.

CDs 9 & 10 are The Best of the Pacesetter™ program by sales guru Bill Brooks. Bill was the best speaker at the Maui Sales Quest, his website is I have met with Bill and we are working on several projects together. I am excited to include the best of his Pacesetter program, an amazing monthly audio sales program. Though not specific to the PEO industry, his message still applies. You get a coupon to subscribe to the current Pacesetter program included with his two CD set.

Here is what others are saying:

I assigned each of my six sales reps to listen to one CD a week and give some feedback at the next weeks Monday morning sales meeting. I planned on repeating this each week until everyone had completed the set. Imagine my surprise when at the second sales meeting I discovered that every sales person had completed the whole series. Some sales people had even met over the weekend to exchange CDs. Two of them asked to buy the series with their own money and I have started seeing real results in the field. What makes this program so useful is that each presenter is willing to share their secrets and give real helpful hard copy follow-ups. This was definitely better than those expensive weeklong sales training courses I used to send my sales people on. Bruce Leon, Tandem Professional Employer Services

What a great program! I really enjoyed CD #6 on objections; it was worth the cost of the entire set.

—Mark Lutz, Kelly Staff Leasing

Carrie, your presentation through the selected Top Guns was great. A 10-year education in 10 CDs. Thanks for your support and most of all thanks for putting my entire training program on CD. It will save much time in training our sales people.

—Fred Fleshman, San Diego Management

Carrie, I've decided to invest a few moments to extend an enthusiastic thank you for all you've invested and contributed to the PEO industry. On many occasions, the value of your programs has enhanced personal business relationships. InSYNC and the Dirty Dozen have been great resources to keep me in touch with the pulse of business. I am anticipating the results of implementing the many Top Gun Tips.

—Leona Reed, Shaw & Shaw

Consulting firm PEO Network has published "PEO Top Gun Tips," as set of CDs offering advice to PEO sales professionals. The 10 CDs in the program tap the wisdom of a dozen industry veterans who cover topics including spreadsheets for tracking sales data, prospecting, niche marketing and closing strategies. Carrie Aaron, president of Raleigh NC-based PEO Network, also offers daily coaching in the CDs.SI Report, Volume XII, Number 17