References & Testimonials

The following is a partial list of references PEO Network and their consultants have receivd over the past several years. If you would like to learn more about our consulting team visit them on LinkedIn or contact us for additional information.

Running my business on a day to day basis makes it extremely difficult to stay up to date with various issues affecting the industry. There are several magazine sources and of course researching via internet to try and catch up on the various ins and outs going on is always an option. However, once again time is an issue. PEO Networks inSYNC platform has allowed me to stay abreast with relevant and pertinent industry info while I multi task. It condenses the multitude of dealings taking place and puts out one credible source to bring yourself up to speed. Whether I am on a long drive to visit a client or getting some paperwork done in my office I simply pop in a CD and inSYNC allows me to familiarize myself with various news and statistics relating to the PEO industry. I have the freedom to prioritize and concentrate on growing my operation while having the ability to gather vital information.
Dominick Crea


I think your new concept truly is the next generation and the leading game changer for the PEO industry. There is no person better positioned, prepared, and informed than you to make the co-op concept a working and valuable model in the PEO client services arena.
Ronald Stoll

I met Carrie in 1989 when she introduced me to a PEO (Professional Employers Organization) This was an entirely new concept for me but she answered all my questions and we went through all the numbers and I hired the PEO to (or I should say the PEO hired me and all my employees). They kept my health insurance costs in line, eliminating the huge swings in rates that meant that I had to shop insurances every year. The help with Worker's Compensation Insurance, Payroll processing, 401-k program and other personal issues and benefits were just icing on the cake. Carrie is a true human resource professional, and was always there to help out and explain the programs to our employees. I highly recommend her.
Loren Vogel

I met Carrie my first day on the job. She was given the ominous task of teaching me everything I would need to know to be a successful sales representative. At the time I didn't understand 90% of what she was teaching me. As time went by, I gradually relaized that what she was teaching me had nothing to do with "selling" and everything to do with "being successful" (to this day I still use her "Wheel of Employment" example in training my sales reps). Carrie's experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry, but what I appreciate most are her honesty and integrity. If you own or operate an HR outsourcing firm, you are missing a huge opportunity to improve your business if you don't utilize PEO Network in some form or fashion.
Bill Maness

I have worked with Carrie for many years and she has always provided me with expert and reliable counsel for my PEO throughout the years. Her knowledge of the PEO industry and her insights of how business operates are unprecedented. Carrie has extremely high ethics and is very trustworthy. I can always count on Carrie to provide me with the most up to date and accurate information on what is going on in our industry. Her training materials, seminars, and especially her inSYNC program are invaluable to my company. Carrie is not only a phenomenal and knowledgeable person within our industry, but she is also a fantastic person and above all a fantastic mom!
Angie Strunk

Carrie is a first class professional, with an experienced and insightful view on her marketplace, and an analytically-driven model of her consulting services. I have always enjoyed working with Carrie, and respect her professionalism, discretion, and work product.
Greg Hammond

"Whether in sales or in service delivery, I've found Carrie to be a true professional. She has exceeded my and our customers’ expectations each time. Meeting deadlines, crafting creative solutions while maintaining a profitable outcome for all parties involved are some of her strengths. Being able to accomplish all this while keeping a smile on her face and everyone else's is truly a gift."
Douglas Bailey

"In 1996 Carrie held a 3-day sales training workshop for our PEO sales force. She made sure the sales people really understood the the business better and the value proposition to our clients, then gave them all the tools needed to sell effectively. Carrie did a fantastic job and I highly recommend her to any PEO. She understands the whole business of PEO and how to make it more successful."
David Bass

"Carrie and PEO Network is very impressive and top shelf. The range knowledge, people she knows and the expertise of the PEO business is outstanding. The honest assessment of the engagement with a straight forward approach is refreshing."
Mark Capoccia

"Carrie is incredibly effective at building relationships and finding ways productive ways to make use of those relationships. Her knowledge, in particular, of the PEO industry is unsurpassed and makes her a welcome partner at the highest levels in any PEO organization."
Ron Kleiman

"Carrie is a true Professional in every sense of the word. She researches her subject matter thoroughly and then puts practical programs and ideas together for clients that addresses those issues."
Greg Kohn

"Great lady and extremely knowledgeable of the outsourcing industry. A great source for what's happening in PEOs and BPOs. Well respected by her clients."
Marc Moore

"I highly recommend working with Carrie and her company, PEO Network, Inc. Carrie is a very intelligent woman with very strong ethics."
Steve Politis

"Carrie is attractive, serious, and extremely accurate for our industry. She is one of very few that care and want to be precise in the information she researches to deliver for our benefit."
Donald Shewmake

"Carrie knows the PEO business from one end to the other. She has broad experience across most of the aspects but with particular wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, operating and conveying the vision of industry."
T Joe Willey

"I wanted to follow up with you to congratulate you on a great job on the census. Besides the great info it was a nice presentation."
—Craig Babigian, HR Pyramid

"I've taken your advice on slide #13 and I will see to it that my website is updated. Point made. As to your census, thank you for providing much needed information about our industry that is available nowhere else. Now, have a wonderful holiday season and much prosperity in 2004."
George Gersema, Employers Resource

"inSYNC is the best PEO industry information in a clear concise format. With so much reading to keep up with it's great to have a CD to listen to. The interviews are awesome."
Clay Kelley- AdvanTech Solutions

inSYNC has provided me an opportunity to stay connected with the industry on a national level and has given me the feedback I need to navigate my business. Each interview has given me the insight on how other PEO's address the challenges we are all facing. The ROI will be realized in the first issue you receive.
John Anderson- Triad Solutions

To cover the annual subscription cost, you only need one good idea a year. I usually get one or two good ideas each month as I listen to inSYNC.
Bob Clancy- ECM

My inSYNC subscription keeps me up to date on industry "happenings" in a timely and efficient manner. For the most part the interviews are excellent in keeping me abreast of what other industry leaders are doing in their companies. Most importantly it offers ample food for thought and I often hear myself saying while listening: "Why didn't I think of that." Occasionally I'll hear some things that I don't agree with; but that's the nature of an entrepreneurial industry. After all, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Marc Fortune- Century II Staffing

I LOVE inSYNC and look forward to receiving it each month. It keeps me abreast of what's happening in the peo/aso marketplace. I also enjoy hearing how some of the other PEO owners are marketing their services. There is no other source that gives the information that inSYNC does in such a condensed easy format.
Fred Fleshman, San Diego Mgmt

inSYNC keeps me abreast of the latest news, ideas, trends and stats on the PEO industry. Carrie Aaron provides an objective and seasoned voice that brings this disjointed industry together.
Vic Tannon, Emplicity

inSYNC keeps me up to date on industry happenings in a concise form. I could read all the stuff in depth that crosses my desk or I can let Carrie read it, give me a synopsis and go out and sell! Although some of the interviews are more interesting than others, I can honestly say that I get something out of all of them.
Lee Southworth, BCH

In this day of information overload, this is a very focused source that I am able to use during drive time to help foster my own strategic thinking…..
Dennis Lilly-Vision HR, FL

I look forward to receiving inSYNC each month because I find it filled with useful and interesting information. I like the format with industry updates followed by personal interviews. Honestly, I do not think I could tell you what my favorite session would be, because I feel that you have presented many good sessions. We continue to subscribe to inSYNC because it is an easy way to obtain important industry information. We pass the CD around to our senior management, so we receive a lot of value with each issue. From the feedback I receive, it seems that there is always some useful information available to each of our managers.
Bill Schoenstein-PTS, OH

"The PSMTC videos were magnificent! The production was very professional and with every personal contact or video with you, I become ever more impressed by your commitment, professionalism and values. You are an extraordinary person and if I do settle on starting a PEO I look forward to a long friendship."
Michael Camerota, ESQ

"Listening to inSYNC is like having a heart to heart talk with your PEO consultant."
Barron Guss, Altres

"inSYNC provides me with timely and highly pertinent information on important topics that help me run our business."
Gary Ankerfelt, TLC Companies

"I have a 60 minute commute in the heart of Chicago traffic. The only days I remain in a good mood are the days I have my inSYNC tapes! inSYNC is informative and cutting edge. My only regret is that they are not weekly instead of monthly."
Bruce Leon, Tandem Professional Employer Services

"It's only been three months, but I already find myself anticipating the arrival of each month's inSYNC tape. It goes straight from my mailbox to my cassette player. The information just can't be found anywhere else. Thanks for helping me shrink my reading stack!"
Ted Kazaglis, PEO Attorney

Dear Carrie,
I was reading The ProEmp Journal and wish to tell you how impressed I am with your Coach's Corner. What an excellent job you have done in marketing your company and services. I hope business is going well for you and that life is treating you wonderfully. Thank you for having the courage to put in your mission statement "To honor GOD in all that we do... from the story "Train to Maintain". Anyway, I know you are busy and I just wanted to drop you a line as an affirmation (if you will) that your light is shining through and the integrity of what you do is showing in your articles. I sincerely hope your business has many blessings.
M. Kathleen Fleming (Kathy), Job Strategies, Inc.

Action packed, vibrant, dynamic and informative are only a few words to describe PASSS. Whether you're a startup or an established PEO, it is a must event to get your "jump start" to success.
Barbara and Gary Baade, Benefits 2000 Inc.

I think that PASSS would benefit the majority of PEOs in the industry. As I have seen other PEOs (including my own) most are not organized and well structured. I wish we had this seminar when we began our PEO.
Jeff Cohen, PES, INC

"Carrie has a lot of valuable information and she's willing to share it. The first day was the best of Top Gun II - she covered a lot of material. I've been in the industry for awhile, and some of it was new even to me. And with networking, people were pretty open and honest about what their business was doing, which was refreshing. Carrie had a lot to do with that."
Pat Summerville, Altres

"The 'Short Cut' session at Top Gun I was the most valuable for me because we are on a fast track growth and I will be utilizing the 'Problem Based Learning Strategy' versus the old-fashioned role-playing model. The training schedule – which not only included how to organize the core units, but also outlined when to have breaks, meals and exercises – will be implemented immediately."
Tim Norris, South Star Employee Administration

"Top Gun I was outstanding, our closing ration has gone from 25% to 75%! I plan on coming back..."
Mark Roberts, Staff Leasing

"We purchased the PSMTC to educate new PEO sales persons . Carrie's approach to sales parallels our efforts of working with our clients...helping them to make the right decision rather than forcing anything down their throats."
Stephen Toups, Turner Personnel Services

"The PSMTC not only proved to be successful as a sales training course, it continues to be a great reinforcement aid to the sales staff."
Gregory Kohn, Right Source

Carrie, your presentation through the selected Top Guns was great. A 10-year education in 10 CDs. Thanks for your support and most of all thanks for putting my entire training program on CD. It will save much time in training our sales people.
Fred Fleshman, San Diego Management

Carrie, I've decided to invest a few moments to extend an enthusiastic thank you for all you've invested and contributed to the PEO industry. On many occasions, the value of your programs has enhanced personal business relationships. inSYNC and the Dirty Dozen have been great resources to keep me in touch with the pulse of business. I am anticipating the results of implementing the many Top Gun Tips.
Leona Reed, Shaw & Shaw

I assigned each of my six sales reps to listen to one CD a week and give some feedback at the next weeks Monday morning sales meeting. I planned on repeating this each week until everyone had completed the set. Imagine my surprise when at the second sales meeting I discovered that every sales person had completed the whole series. Some sales people had even met over the weekend to exchange CDs. Two of them asked to buy the series with their own money and I have started seeing real results in the field. What makes this program so useful is that each presenter is willing to share their secrets and give real helpful hard copy follow-ups. This was definitely better than those expensive weeklong sales training courses I used to send my sales people on.
--Bruce Leon, Tandem Professional Employer Services

Carrie, your presentation through the selected Top Guns was great. A 10-year education in 10 CDs. Thanks for your support and most of all thanks for putting my entire training program on CD. It will save much time in training our sales people.
Fred Fleshman, San Diego Management