About PEO Network

.PEO Network was established in 1995 to serve the needs of the PEO Industry. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of the PEO Industry through Consulting, Education, Training, Public Speaking and Research.

Meet the PEO Network Management Team 

Rod Diekema

Rod Diekema has spent over 20 years becoming one of the nation’s leading “Employment Process Experts”.  Since 1992 Rod has been involved in the PEO “Professional Employer Organization” Industry.  PEO’s are simply a better way to manage employment. If you have employees, we help you consolidate the processes required to manage them…including Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more.  The concept shares technology, expertise, and services all while taking advantage of pooled purchasing power.  PEO’s create employment practices and benefits offerings designed to attract and retain the best employees.  Having worked for 2 of the nation’s largest PEO’s, in 2007 he started his own PEO.  In 2012, he decided to purchase PEO Network and to focus on helping other PEO owners and startup PEO’s grow the                                                                                           industry.

Carrie Aaron


Carrie Aaron founded PEO Network in 1995, has been in the PEO business since 1982.  She is truly an expert I all facets of the Professional Employer Organization Industry.  Carrie has a passion for excellence and has worked with hundreds of PEO owners to accomplish their goals.  Carrie loves to work with clients to better equip them to grow and become more profitable in today’s global environment.  Her career highlights include;

  • "PEO Success Coach"
  • Consultant to the PEO Industry since 1995
  • Two decades of PEO experience
  • Author of the "PEO Sales Mastery Training Course"TM and the "PEO Sales Selection Module"TM
  • Editorial Consultant to ProEmp Journal, 1996-2000
  • Co-producer and instructor for PROEMP Top Gun Sales Seminar, PASSS™, Top Gun Tips, and inSYNC
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • In October of 1999, Ms. Aaron was named as one of the most influential people in the PEO industry.