PEO Network announces inSYNC XI

ST PETERSBURG, FL - October 1, 2016 - PEO Network is pleased to announce the dates for inSYNC Summit XI  

The inSYNC Summits have always been a favorite  event of the PEO Network family and the traditions continues with PEO Network's inSYNC Summit XI in beautiful Boca Raton Florida February 20th and 21st, 2017

The inSYNC Summits are conducted in a "Think-Tank" panel format, this PEO CEO conference is the most popular program produced by PEO Network.  PEO Owners and Executives gather with their peers to exchange ideas and discuss today's hottest industry topics.

Who should attend?

-     PEO Owners

-     PEO Executives


-     Limited to 40 Participants

For more information check out the event website at:

PEO Network introduces "Team-Lead"

ST PETERSBURG, FL - October 5, 2015 - PEO Network is pleased to introduce "Team-Lead"

PEONetwork is excited to announce the addition of a new service offering!  We see a great need in the PEO space for smaller sales teams to have the tools, guidance, focus and mentoring they sorely need.  Larger firms fill this need with expensive Sales Managers. 


We are filling that space with “PEONetwork  Team-Lead”.  Think of the benefits of having a Sales Manager, without the expense, commitment, risk, and disruption to your current sales team.  Whether your team is One or many, we have the tools and expertise to add control, predictability, and deals to your results-all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Sales Manager!


·   Implement and/or manage your Sales CRM to its fullest potential

·   Conduct weekly sales meetings via “WebEx” and/or Phone

·   Train, coach, and mentor you Sales people to excellence

·   Implement best practices that increase productivity

·   Provide you with concise and informative performance Metrix

·   Develop individual Marketing Plans with the Reps that motivate and provide accountability

·   Strategize on specific Prospects to increase closing ratios and margin